1. What are dissolvable oral strips? 

They are small, thin “sheets” that contain nutritional and/or medicinal ingredients. They can be placed under the tongue or on the palate, where they dissolve within seconds. Once dissolved, they are absorbed by the oral mucosa of the cheek, which contains rich layers of cells and blood vessels that “pull” the molecules of the active ingredients into the bloodstream to be transported throughout our body.

  1. Why are Vitastrips considered innovative nutritional supplements?

VITASTRIPS innovation is based on nanotechnology, as a thin “sheet” contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Thin Sol technology includes 4 patents related to the production of Vitastrips. Through many years of research and experimental development, we have succeeded in creating a new, more accurate, easier and safer form of nutritional supplements.

  1. Why should I prefer VITASTRIPS to a pill or an effervescent tablet?

VITASTRIPS are designed for maximum effectiveness and are better tasting than pills or effervescent nutritional supplements, making them a great choice for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest!

  1. What are the main ingredients of VITASTRIPS?

VITASTRIPS are made from all-natural ingredients; they contain vitamins, minerals and trace elements and are the ideal food supplement to stimulate the body and promote good health and overall well-being!

  1. What are the main advantages of VITASTRIPS?

Vitastrips contain all the necessary ingredients for our body to function properly every day. Vitastrips innovation is based on nanotechnology, which enables a small “sheet” offer all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements the body needs to cope with life’s daily demands. VITASTRIPS supplements’ ease of use and absorption are another unique advantage of our product, since in just 3 simple steps, without water, chewing and/or pain, you can take advantage of their benefits for your body!

  1. How many different types of VITASTRIPS are available and what body needs do they cover?

There are 6 different types of VITASTRIPS available, made exclusively to meet our body’s needs. You can see the products and choose the one that meets your needs by clicking here.

  1. Where can I find the products?

You can find VITASTRIPS products exclusively in the network of partner pharmacies. To find the one closest to you, navigate on the map by clicking here.