We are an experienced team of scientists and professionals dedicated to health support by natural means.

Our mission is to redefine food supplements through innovative scientific and technological approaches.

We aim to turn dietary supplements into a simple, convenient, and enjoyable experience, thus promoting a healthier world.

Why Us?

Vitastrips innovation is based on nanotechnology, as one tiny strip may contain vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Thin Sol's technology includes 4 patents related to the production of Vitastrips. Through years of research and experimental development, We created a new, more precise, easier, and safer form of dietary supplements.

Ease of Use

Vitastrips use is simple. Remove the strip from the aluminum packaging and place it on your tongue. Vitastrips will dissolve in your mouth within seconds without the need for water. This makes them easy to use even for children, as the process is done without difficulty, and there is no concern about possible difficulty swallowing as with pills and capsules.

Rapid Absorption

A crucial advantage of Vitastrips is the fast absorption of their active ingredients, as they enter directly into the blood circulation. They do not need to go through the gastrointestinal tract, where many ingredients could be damaged. This makes them more efficient, faster absorbable, and easier to use.


Vitastrips contain only natural flavors and do not contain:
● Sugar (replaced with stevia)
● Gluten
● Lactose or other milk by-products
● Soy
● Genetically modified organisms
● Nuts or residues thereof that cause allergies

Ease of Transport

In addition to health benefits, ease of transportation is also essential. Due to their small size and slim design, Vitastrips are easy to use, and you can even carry them in your pocket. You no longer need to carry capsule bottles or tablets, which makes their use more convenient.

No Side Effects

Tablets and capsules may cause acidity in the stomach and ulcers in some consumers. However, Vitastrips do not cause any stomach problems and have no side effects. This makes them safe for use without worrying about possible adverse reactions.